Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As Seen on Downer Avenue--The Breadsmith Specials, Black Friday Promotion at Via, Welcome to Nehring's Sendik.

1. Via Downer has a Black Friday offer. If you show your receipt from a Downer Avenue business, you get 20% off your food bill the Friday after Thanksgiving. I am partial to the garlic sauce pizzas myself, but you decide what's best for you.

2. Breadsmith finally has a printed daily special menu. I've been asking for this since 2009.

Monday: flax seed, freedom bread, honey oat bran, multigrain, pretzel bread, and raising cinnamon.

Tuesday: Austrian pumpernickel, cranberry walnut, granola (my very favorite), rosemary muligrain sandwich.

Wednesday: English muffin, honey sunflower whole wheat, multigrain, raisin cinnamon.

Thursday: marathon multigrain, raisin walnut, rosemary garlic ciabatta

Friday: honey challah, honey raisin pecan, multigrain, power bread, vanilla egg challah.

Saturday: farmer's wheat, Greek olive ciabatta, raisin cinnamon, raisin cinnamon walnut

Sunday: honey raisin pecan, multigrain.

As I mentioned, I like granola bread the best, though I am also partial to flax, honey oat, sunflower, marathon, and farmer's. I'd buy pretzel and English muffin more, but it doesn't go over that well with the rest of the household.

3. Welcome to Nehring's Sendiks, which has taken over the north-end Downer Avenue anchor. We're already seeing major upgrades. We wish them all the best in their newly added location.

4. Don't forget that Festive Friday is December 6, from 4-8 pm. We'll have apples and cider from Ela Orchards. Come by and say hello to Edwin, whom you probably haven't seen since the farmer's markets ended.

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