Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--New Magnets, Page Flags, Flexible Book Lights.

I finally have some new items in the store, but I'm not going to say that anything is groundbreaking, just a cute variation on a theme. For example, we've been doing so well with page flags from Girl of All Work that I bought this assortment from Streamline, which features wild animals, marine life, aliens, and birds, all packaged traveling together in, well, a bus/submarine/airplane/spaceship.

Another ever-popular bookstore staple is the booklight. Recently I brought in some new booklights from Mighty Bright that look like charming little desk lamps. But I also decided to try these flexible booklights, that wrap around your hand, a pole, a bicycle, whatever. It's called the Flexiflash and it's from DCI. I really should test one, but I'm not sure what to wrap it around. Seems like the answer to a question I hadn't asked yet. That would make author Dan Pink proud.

And finally we also got in our new shipment of I Pops, the super strong magnets from Madison Park. I love the various artists they use--one of the things I like about this line is that each artist's work is separarated out into collections, but they don't really do that with their greeting cards. They should. Maybe someone in Seattle is reading this and the lightbulb is going off over their head.

My reorder was a combination of things that sold through and new designs. The pictured ones are animal skins from Fumi Watanabe, animals mailing letters from boygirlparty, insects from Xenia Taler, and the pirate set from, well, I can't figure out the artist on that one.

I Pop magnets seem to be quite popular. I even found this website selling them that seemed to have copy written by a robot. And I quote: "I think numerous persons out there are seeking iPop Retro Flowers and Butterflies 4 Pack Magnet Set Duo. For that reason, in this website I want to give a little article about it. This product, iPop Retro Flowers and Butterflies 4 Pack Magnet Set Duo, provides substantial satisfaction since buyer get it. The item has much more features that they have never think before. That's the reason I suggest iPop Retro Flowers and Butterflies 4 Pack Magnet Set Duo to become yours as well."

How can you not agree?

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