Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Short Post--Catching Up on Photos of Michael Perry Chalk Drawing, Michael Pollan's Movie Sign, Kpolly's Portrait, and Nana Nancy's Football Club.

On Monday, Michael Perry appeared at the Frank L. Weyenberg Library in Mequon. Nick, who was selling books at the event, wound up working with Stacey Williams-Ng, a talented area artist and entrepreneur, on chalk drawings for the event. To my dismay, we mixed up who did which drawing, and I definitively wanted to set this straight. Nick did the drawing for Truck, at right, while Stacie did the drawing for Visiting Tom, below left.


We hosted another fine group of authors this week, and everyone was surprised when I didn't book anyone for Friday night. It's Memorial Day weekend, I replied, but as everyone else correctly noted, we have David Sedaris on Memorial Day Sunday. That's different, we would have booked him on the Memorial Day Holiday itself, at 2 in the morning. I guess that's a good idea for his next tour. More on Sedaris on the Saturday post.

The next picture needs a little more explanation. Nancy is a longtime FOB (Friend of Boswell, do I even need to explain that anymore?) who has many passions. And though she doesn't live that close to us, she has taken to promoting the neighborhood. She's a huge fan of Paperwork and Grum on the block, and when she told me this story, I now realize I have to add Clark Graphics to her list of local faves.

Nancy's grandson sent her a drawing of a patch for Nana Nancy's Football Club (and I should note we're referring to soccer here). Nancy went to Clark, fancied it up, and turned them into labels, which now go on presents and the like. I know a lot of your are uber-talented and can do this yourself, but it's nice to know there's a local resource out there can also help (though I'm suspecting this would take a week of your time). We know there are a lot of internet printing services out there, but I like local storefronts, and Clark Graphics is an important part of the neighborhood and they do a great job for us, so why not give them a shout out? As an aside, Nick's working on another great poster for us (who didn't love the Peter Heller, who is still coming on June 19, along with Ethan Rutherford?) and we'll have a picture of it when it's ready to go to press. More on our upcoming events page.

I am so remiss on some of these things. Several times this spring, I've driven around authors to area libraries, and they saw big signs for their events out front. It happened with Tim Federle at the Oak Creek Community Center and again with William Alexander at the Weyenberg Library. There's something about seeing this that makes your heart sing, and I felt the same way when the lobby sign at the Oriental had Pollan listed, instead of whatever movie was normally playing in that theater. We've finally hit the big time of Hollywood, I thought. Oh, I've read enough Hollywood novels to know that is not necessarily a good thing, but I liked the way it looked anyway.

And finally, one more picture. I have been kept awake at night, wondering if I ever posted that amazing blowup of the Kpolly portrait of David Schwartz that was featured at "May the Schwartz be With You." I love it so much, the pages from the books he loved, blowing around him. Kpolly did our legendary "The Book was Better" tee. I'm supposed to be working on "The Book was Better II" and all the Boswellians are a little irritated that I am not spending more time on our lime green tees and new Boswell tote bags. It will happen, I promise, I'm just not saying when.

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