Friday, February 1, 2013

Too Old for Tumblr, Too Square for Instagram--A Day in Pictures on Downer Avenue.

We have our Dave Eggers table up. As you have heard, he'll start his signing at 2 pm on Sunday. Included are his books, as well as the fine publications of McSweeneys.
Construction update. The biography cases are in storage, waiting for a new wall. We've taken down the not-working-for-years camera, though we're waiting on the neon and event gondola display until we actually find out the date of construction. Underneath the cases was the original Schwartz sienna brown. Or was it umbre?

We're not the only place on Downer Avenue with construction. Here's the Pizza Man space.
Downer Avenue Cleaners is open in their new space across the street.

While on the block. I stopped by Paperwork. I asked Lynn to show me some of her favorite new cards, not so I could be a terrible neighbor and carry them, but so I could show them to you and you would be so excited that you would stop by to take a look, and in the heat of the moment, place an order for invitations to something or other, which you'd been meaning to do anyway, and who knew this wonderful resource was on Downer Avenue?

These bird cards are adorable, no?

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