Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--New Shipments from Chocolove, Rich Frog, Mighty Bright, Pomegranate.

Having been out of Boswell for a few days, I returned last night to a lot of gift items that had come in, and that's with Anne receiving some cards and an order for Paperblank journals. But with an event with John Bolger last night, I had to take a break before I dug in.
 This morning Anne received our Chocolove bars for what is likely to be a last-minute Valentine chocolate rush while I hung out in the back room, receiving Mighty Bright booklights. I'm still a little embarrassed that I let the rack get so empty. I can't remember how many times I've said, about my stores and others, a pitfiul display rack needs to get off the floor, but I didn't have anyplace else to move our spinner. It's not so pitiful now, and we've got Mighty Bright's Mod Art ultra thin lights, in four designs: heat, flutter, float and swirl.
The next package I dug into was from Rich Frog, who sent a new supply of flashlights. The new entry is a fairy flashlight, but either its not ready to ship or they've already sold out of their first printing. We also got Beastie Balls, which are now only available in the classic size. I had previously been buying the giant size. They are a great baby gift for those who are bored of rattles (though honestly, how could you be bored of a Squeak a Boo?)

The subsequent shipment I unpacked our most recent order from Pomegranate. We brought in some everyday boxed cards from Sierra Club, a box of Edward Gorey designs, several of which were used for the PBS show "Mystery", and posters from the London Underground. Both these concepts have sold very well as Christmas cards, so I'm hoping everyday is equally successful.
We also got a few loose greeting card designs, featuring Gorey (again), Charlie Harper, and several of the other folks in the Pomegranate stable.

Finally I received a backorder from Melissa and Doug. More of the same, but one item let me to rework a display, coming off yesterday's new display high. We decided our Hobbit display had run it's course so I asked Jason if he could come up with a few good speculative novels that featured dragons. He replied in the affirmative and had a good number of books read for showcasing. I added Serafina from the kids' section and we were ready to roll. Thinking a bit more about this, I asked Mel if she could think of a non-speculative novel featuring dragons. We're still working on it.

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