Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Gift Post--It May be Tee Shirting Weather, but We're Buying Holiday Cards.

I've been trying to get our holiday card orders finished so I can move on to ornaments and other holiday items. Sadly I think everything is about a month behind schedule. We'll have something for holidays at least--we did the Tag order back in April, as they always runs out of stuff early.

And to the customer who was unhappy that we didn't bring in Positvely Green holiday cards, we'll have about 12 designs this year--loose, not boxed.

Not too much came in this week. Anne received a good amount of cards, and finally our congratulations/new home/retirment/bar-bat mitzvah/wedding/anniversary/new baby bay is full. In terms of overstock, our blank cards have been reduced to a reasonable level, but now I have way too many thank you cards.

I think the most high-profile arrival this week are the two new Out of Print tee shirt designs. Jane Eyre came with no time to spare, as our event with Sheila Kohler is this Monday, and the Cardinal Strich Jane Eyre class is meeting with her at six on Monday 9, to chat about her novel, Becoming Jane Eyre. The offial talk/reading is at 7, but if you're a Jane Eyre groupie, we won't turn you away.

Our other new design is Faulkner's Light in August. It turns out that this novel was the subject of Mel's thesis. Well, one of them (not one of the books; one of the theses). Thanks to Halley and Mel for modeling!

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