Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday GIft Post, But Once Again I Can't Find the Camera Battery Recharger.

I came back from my visit to Massachusetts to find a number of gift items had arrived. Just in time for Iron Cupcake, we received our cupcake lip gloss. We got a nice assortment of leather animal keychains. And some new spring-like items arrived. We seem to do very well with bird designs, so don't be surprised by them.

The problem is that I can't take any photos on my camera, and my cell phone camera simply isn't very good. Once again, I have misplaced the battery recharger. Sigh.

Let's try one thing. I can't believe we haven't sold Gymnastic Monkey yet, despite being way more fun than a barrel of the very same monkeys. The reason that if these are in a barrel, it's hard to press the sides together and make them flip around.

Maybe this video will convince some people that gymnastic monkeys are the new bendy robots.

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