Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Snow Comes Down Steadily, We Buy Books for Our This American Offsite, An Email Newsletter Goes Out.

Needless to say, I have spent every waking minute wondering if we did the right thing by moving Ayad Akhtar's event to Friday (January 13, that's tomorrow) for American Dervish. Amie came back from an appointment noting she was stuck on a freeway for an hour behind an accident. The first snow of the year is always pretty tough. Right now I'm feeling like I did the right thing as I wish the steady accumulation in our alley.

Today I spent the day working on all sorts of projects. We're selling some This American Life books at the Ira Glass evening at the Pabst Theater on February 4. There's not book signing or anything--it just seemed like an interesting thing to do. We also picked up several other talks around town, plus we're working on our first book fair. It's funny that Glass doesn't really have any books, just that New Kings of Nonfiction anthology. You'd think there'd be a lot of ideas floating in his head.

If you want to get tickets to his show, here's the link.

I'm planning to go to a gift show tomorrow of all things. Do you think my flight will take off? I'm not sure... With the Akhtar, I'm sort of hoping it is cancelled and I can reschedule for Saturday.

We did get another email newsletter out yesterday.  One error. Much as we try to match day and date, occasionally something slips up. Our event at Sugar Maple on Thursday, January 19 with Patrick Somerville and Hannah Pittard had the wrong date listed once. We're hoping to get another newsletter out next Tuesday--meanwhile, everything is correct on our signs and blog and Facebook and website.

Want to read our email? Here it is.

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