Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Day, Another Display--Putting Up the Ira Glass Display, Moving Philip K. Dick, Adding More to the Flames of Zombie Insurrection.

So Ira Glass is at the  Pabst on February 4, as per an earlier email, and we're selling books there for the "Reinventing Radio" program. Now I should say up front that there is no autographing, though I guess if you run into him at a bar afterwards, I'm not telling you he won't sign, as he seems like a good guy.

We agreed to sell various "This American Life" authors' books at the event, and the promoters asked if we would help get the word out. One of their requests was for in-store display featuring various contributors, and since they are also some of our favorite authors, how could we say no?

Buy your tickets here.

One of the weirdest display spaces we have are the shelves of our lecturn. It doesn't sell books that well, but it does turn heads. We're closing out the run of The Duel series from Melville House. In addition to a stray copy sold here and there, we did find a customer for one complete set.

Now our Philip  K. Dick display celebrating the release of The Exegeis of Philip K. Dick has converted backlist only and moved to the lectern and the end table display we previously had of Dick's new title and backlist is now a recurring zombie display. I got Jason's hopes up by implying that Colson Whitehead's Zone One had a date set for a film adaptation, but if you read carefully, I noted "maybe."

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