Monday, August 16, 2010

A Busy Weekend--and a Visit from a Bookselling Legend

The weekend wore me out, hence no post on Sunday and a late one today. I worked Sunday to cover for Jason, who is helping out at the Urban Ecology Center next week for the Eat Local open house. Now that I'm looking at our stock, I really didn't bring in enough copies of Plenty. If we do run out, you can pick one up at the store; we'll call you when more come in. The Fair is from 10 AM to 1 PM on Saturday, August 21st.

We also hosted our discussion with Marilyn McKnight last Sunday. We had a solid group of folks turn out, and while it was going on, one of our upcoming authors who was dropping off his books and had suggested we do more events where there isn't an actual book involved looked over and said, "Like that. That's what I meant."

But the real excitement of the weekend was a visit from Prairie Lights buyer Paul Ingram and his wife Ellen. They were in town to see the Winterthur quilt show at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and couldn't resist the short drive up the lake to see Boswell. We had a great time wandering around the store, trading recommendations, and sometimes vehemently disagreeing.

No revelations here on those--my code of conduct among booksellers is that you never tell the public when another bookseller confesses a dislike for the book. That's for that bookseller to make public.

Here's the really great thing about the visit. Paul knew not one, but four separate customers who were in the store over the course of his visit, and they weren't even in a group together. L. came up to the desk with a pile of Paul's recommendations. She was so excited that he was now working with us; I didn't have the heart to tell her he was just visiting and couldn't help himself.

Here's his blog, Paul's Corner. His new post is about the movie release of Winter's Bone, a book he loves, loves, loves! We of course like the original jacket better, but here's the tie-in cover.

And here's his video recommendations of new hardcovers!

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