Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finally Fixed--Now Your Feedburner Blog Subscription will Come the Same Day it is Posted

Well, so much for those blog emails coming from me to you at 4 in the morning from Feedburner. I discovered the problem several months ago, but couldn't figure out how to dissect the web site, even after doing a number of searches.

Well, after getting a query from our friend Paul Salsini (author of The Cielo and Sparrow's Revenge, both of which you can find at Boswell Book Company). Why did my post about the Tosca preview come...after the preview. Yeeks.

I tried again, changing my search language, and hit gold. How to change your Feedburner send time:

1. Click on your Feedburner blog in question
2. Select "publicize"
3. Select "email subscriptions"
4. Then "delivery options"
5. And change it to whatever two hour period you want. I think 3-5 AM was the default--I certainly didn't select that.

Since I usually post in the morning, the new send time is somewhere between 11 AM and 1 PM. This should resolve all problems regarding reading yesterday's news.

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