Friday, September 11, 2009

On Archiving Emails that Never Go Away, and How I Plan to Add to the Clutter--more on "The Nineteenth Wife" and "Blame"

Our email newsletters are now archived. It costs $5 a month, but it seems like it's worth doing. Oddly enough, the Schwartz newsletters are still archived somewhere, even though the Dickens folk are not likely keeping up the payments (note to Carol, I hope not!)

That said, I was able to locate an author photo I needed. And here's a link to our essay about authors with Wisconsin ties, featuring David Ebershoff's Nineteenth Wife. We're selling the book quite well in paperback, helped along by a selection by our in-store Readers of the Lost Art. Oh, and I have handsold a few myself.

It's one of those books that can appeal to lots of different customers:

1. It's got a straightforward historical angle with some lascivious details, a la Loving Frank.

2. It's got a strong mytery/thriller component; in fact, in much of Europe, it was published as a mystery.

3. It's got a strong gay character that has closed the deal for some of my customers.

4. It's take on alternative marriage and family can make for a very interesting book club discussion.

Speaking of books I really like and old articles from Schwartz, Nancy led me to this interesting article by Michelle Huneven on walking and reading at the same time. Thanks, Nancy!

That's just another thing I love about Huneven. I am well known for my walking and reading, and feel a bond with others who do so.

You've heard me go on about Huneven's new novel Blame, but our sales aren't much. Here's Entertainment Weekly's enthusiastic take to convince you.

And just to bring it on home, here's our latest email newsletter, which has my ode to Blame, not much different from what was posted on the blog earlier, but headed for 3000 more mailboxes. Oh, and there's other stuff in the newsletter too.

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