Thursday, September 24, 2009

Creating Never Ending Displays (and One That's Still in Disarray)

Having put up our kids Halloween display and found that books were selling, we decided to start our adult display. (Note: we are hanging some Bats at the Library but I have to buy some more fishing line for that")

Regarding the book-heaviness of the displays, the gift buyer (me) was a little panicky about marking down non-returnable holiday stuff and kept the seasonal merchandise at the minimum. Also, a few things I ordered on the late side sold out.

That said, we really like our monster rubber duckies and they give a little pop to the table. We sold out of our skull pens rather quickly.

We've got small window displays where we feature upcoming events and one big window. We took down our "win a free Dan Brown" display for the book's release and realized it was already time for Banned Book Week.
This year we ordered a poster from the ALA with a quote from To Kill a Mockingbird. Alas, folks didn't realize I was waiting for it and it went with various other promotional posters near Jason's desk. Panic, then Amie found it.

The window is not quite put together yet, but that's ok as Banned Book Week doesn't start until September 26th. Oh, and we've got construction starting in front of our store so traffic might be a bit less. The timing couldn't be better. We have 25 events going on in October.

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