Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--TeNeues Cards, A New Obama Plush, Dinosaur Pens.

It's one week after the gift show and while nothing from the show itself has arrived (I actually placed seven orders there), several shipments did arrive at Boswell.

1. The seasonal TeNeues boxed card order arrived. They have been experimenting a lot with recycled cardboard packaging. It must be working because it seemed like more than half the new releases for boxed cards were in the green notes category.

2. Unemployed Philosophers Guild shipped a President Obama Little Thinker backorder. Nick noticed that the new Obamas have gray hair.

3. We're so sad that Halley is moving in August, but I'm glad to say that we brought in dinosaur pens for her to ooh and ah over while she's still here.
It's a cautionary tale of when dinosaur pens attack.

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