Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--Compendium Journals, Peter Pauper Boxed Cards, Ipop Magnets.

Tomorrow I am going to the Chicago gift show for the day, so I got in the mood by receiving our holiday cards and gift bags from Peter Pauper. Unlike a lot of lines, they let us put everyday items on our dating order, so I stocked up a bit on boxed cards, journals, and bookmarks. Halley liked this design called Artful Garden notecards (right), while I'm fond of Chickadees thank you cards.

I've already received notice for a competitive show starting out in the suburbs to go against classic Merchandise Mart show. As I might have mentioned after the January show, they continue to cut space, and last time, it wasn't vendors wanting to leave, but vendors being asked to leave. We'll see what this show looks like. I really would rather attend a downtown show, and I worry about two split shows. Oy.

We've gotten a few other items in this week. Halley's been pushing me to add to our collection of Write Now journals from Compendium. She's particularly fond of the dog journal (surprise!) and thought
the bicycle and Paris journals would also sell particularly well. Stacie at one point had sent me a link to the Jane Austen journal too.

We also received new Ipop magnets. While the line is distributed by Madison Park, and uses many of the MP house artists, they also find great illustrators who either do cards for other houses, like Ryan Berkeley (BuyOlympia) and Lisa Congdon (Hello Lucky).

The new magnets feature bicycles, insects (oops, I already had a different artist's insect designs) and the usual flowers, animals, and graphic designs.  Cartolina (have to figure out if I see those cards or not) has a very pretty aquatic motif set and another set that features the crowd-pleasing Paris.

Well, time to get ready for a full day of buying. These shows can be both exciting and exhausting.

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