Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--New Cards and Giftwrap.

Though you won't see them till October (or maybe late September if I have a space to fill), we received our first boxes of Christmas cards this week. If you wait too long, the fill isn't always that good, and if you buy enough, there are usually terms for payment.

The reason why it's important to get Pomegranate cards early is that the gift wrap is included in their terms, including everyday styles. Being that we were pretty much out of wrap and our display always falls apart around March, these cartons were particularly welcome. Both Mel and Anne were enthusiastic about the assortment. Mel in particular took to the Little Red Riding Hood paper.

I rarely order loose Christmas cards to come in this early, as they generally do not have payment terms, but I make an exception when it's a line I buy infreguently enough that I'm not likely to get to it again before the holiday. There were two Nigel Frith cards from BuyOlympia that I was taken with. I'll probably mention them closer to the holiday. Instead I should mention these cards from illustrator Sarah Andreaccio. I bought three of the six designs, and Amie was quite taken with the little hats on some of the animals. We spotted three. Can you?

Mel and Halley went through the Good Paper catalog when it came in, circling and initialing styles left and right. I don't always buy every item that a bookseller selects, but when several folks initial something, I do make it a priority. They were very excited about a number of designs and might have been a wee bit sad when I didn't bring everything in on first pass. Being that we buy Good Paper on a monthly basis, it's generally better to spread out the introductions, especially in a time like now when we're well stocked on birthday, blank, friendship, sympathy, and thank you. The card rack with the congratulations, wedding, anniversary, new baby, and miscellaneous occasions (new home, retirement, bar and bat mitzvah, confirmation) is the one that's a bit short now, but we've filled up the holes with birthday. It might be too early to fill the holes with Halloween, but the Jewish holidays are early this year and I do have a few Rosh Hashana cards.

So anyway, here are three new Good Paper cards that Mel and Halley selected. That's the second "well done" steak card I've come across in the last few weeks. Macarons are also ascendant, by the way.

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