Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Gift Post--More Wooden Boxes.

For some reason, we have had a hard time restocking greeting cards of late. As of today, we had six outstanding orders, and several vendors who are normally Johnny on the spot have taken forever. I wouldn't be so concerned about this, but our congratulations cards are almost (but not quite) wiped out, and that's with a number of high school graduations to come. Fortunately today Anne was able to process Artists to Watch, which had 3 congrats/graduation cards, and another wedding, which also goes in the same case.

Another order that came in was from our Polish box vendor. We brought in several designs with more of a sports motif for Father's Day. There's a fishing lure, tennis court, baseball diamond, and golf tee design. Not that these are necessarily for men, but probably would sell better to guys than a lot of the floral designs, despite the many fellows who love gardening. But we can also confound stereotypes with musical, map, and pirate motifs.

I just can't get over how nicely priced these boxes are from M. Cornell. I haven't bought one yet because I'm suffering from the paradox of choice." No, I want that one. No that one!" One of our blue boxes that we had came restocked in more of a purple, and I thought, "I wish I had bought the blue one so I could now have both shades." And oh, that mushroom!

And since I have the appropriate motif at hand, I should let folks know that we're open on Memorial Day from 10 am to 5 pm.

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