Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Short Post--Library Literary Lunch and Undergraduate Reading

Another crazy day. This morning we sold books at the annual Friends of the Milwaukee Public Library Literary Lunch. Our featured speaker was Chad Harbach, visiting for the paperback release of The Art of Fielding. My goodness, a lot has happened since he last visit, such as us selling another 200 copies of his book.

The lunch is held at the Wisconsin Club, a grand place. Mayor Barrett usually attends this event, but with everything going on, we didn't think he would come. At the last minute, he was able to clear some room in his schedule. And then he was off to Madison to debate Governor Walker.

I'd watch the debate, but we had another event going on that was in the planning stage for several months. Hand-picked undergraduates from Marquette, Cardinal Stritch, UWM, and Carroll all read. Folks may remember we had a similar event at our grand opening, only that was just UWM and Marquette. My sister Claudia attended. It was really great.

 I set up for 30 people, but instead we had close to 80. Everyone read for 5-10 minutes. And once again, it was a really fabulous event. The readers were so good, and that 10 minute limit kept things moving along. So maybe I'll do it again, in less than three years from now.

I'll be adding a photo of all the featured readers as soon as I get one.

Now I'm off to pick up Merrill, my other sister, at the airport. She'll be helping me at tomorrow's appearance and demo with Jenny Lewis at the Milwaukee Public Market, in conjunction with Midwest Sweet Baking  (5/5, 11 am).

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