Friday, April 13, 2012

Off to Sell Books at a Comedy Club for Aaron Karo.

Being that we are still finding beer cans stashed away by customers from our event with Tucker Max a year and half ago, I was a little hesitant about selling books at Jokerz Comedy Club for Aaron Karo, when the publisher suggested it. And being that our schedule has been what it is, the whole thing seemed undoable. And yes, Jokerz is conveniently located next to the Silk Exotic Strip Club.

But our friend Allison (in charge of bookstore recruitment) has a charm about her. Let's be frank--she stopped by the store on a visit to Milwaukee and complimented it. And so I agreed to a crazy evening on the northwest side of Milwaukee.

You're probably wondering about what book I'm selling at the show of course. Why it's a novel for teens called Lexapros and Cons. It's the story of a 17-year-old kid named Chuck Taylor (yes, the jacket photo is of a kelly green specimen) who has OCD. I just assumed he hand no other titles, so I'm caught shore with no copies of Ruminations on College Life and I'm Having More Fun than You (pictured, by not available tonight).  Apologies in advance.

That will be the name of my novel, by the way.

So this is one of those novels where I can't even quote the first sentence of the novel. I did laugh, however. And what with that Jim Stingel column today in the Journal Sentinel, I'm going to be known as the go-to guy for eroti-raunch. But this is actually not a sex book at all, it's actually a lack-of-sex book.  It's about a kid trying to grow up while dealing with a lot of issues.  In some ways, not that different from Peter Cameron's Some Day This Pain Will be Useful to You. In some ways, not. But it's the same publisher, FSG.

Mr. Karo notes that this photo of him pre-signing at Boswell is after a long and grueling day of travel.

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