Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Short Post--A Day at the Store in Snapshots, Plus One Video.

1. Copies of Trenton Lee Stewart's The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict are ready to be put out on April 10. As you know, we agree to wait until the on-sale date on certain key titles (and all titles from Random House). Often the books come either the day before, or sometimes even the release date. But I guess with the Easter holiday, you can't be too careful. Even the carton design makes me happy.

2. New in the store is the first published book of a Boswell alum. Bayard Godsave's collection of stories, Lesser Apocalypses, is out from Queen's Ferry Press. Here's a quote from Alan Davis, author of So Bravely Vegetative: "These stories...will disturb your sleep with their disquieting visions and you'll find yourself hoping that such insomnia is a regular occurrence." I'll save Mr. Callanan's quote for other use. And I should also note that Conrad would not allow me to take a picture of him with just any book. Congratuations to Mr. Godsave!

3. No surprise, but we've had a great week of sale for Christopher Moore's Sacré Bleu. Even dedicated paperback and ebook readers want a copy of this beautiful book, with blue ink, four-color endpapers, and a special painted jacket with a dust jacket belly band.

4. Found in a book. The Nerdfighters have hit Milwaukee! This group that has formed from around the country is not derived from John Green's books, but apparently one of the leaders is John Green's brother. So inside copies of The Fault in Our Stars were slips about how you too might be a Nerdfighter. Yes, it's recruiting material, written on slips of paper. We'd normally remove them, but what the heck? We put them back.

5. Swag of the day: a baseball cap for Driving Mr. Yogi: Yogi Berra, Ron Guidry, and Baseball's Greatest Gift, the book by Harvey Araton about the friendship between baseball greats Ron Guidry and Yogi Berra.

6. We posted this on Facebook, but we thought anyone who hasn't heard Cheryl Strayed talk about her book Wild (event at Boswell is 4/16) is missing something.

And now it's time to open to some gift stuff. But as you know, that's to be talked about tomorrow.

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