Monday, October 31, 2011

A Different Spin on Here's What's Happening This Week.

Since we got an email newsletter out in the past week, and we've already sent a press release and given out print event calendars and signage and who knows what else, recapping this week's events can get stale. So I'm trying to put a different spin on what's coming up.  I wish we could do very detailed outreach for each event, but there's simply not enough time in the day. We're happy to have all the information be correct in all our various and relatively standard missives. And I've certainly talked to authors who have complained that they've been to stores that didn't seem to do anything to get the word out. The problem is that sometimes folks just aren't listening!

Tuesday, November 1, 7 pm, at Boswell:
Deborah Niemann, author of Homegrown and Handmade: A Practical Guide to More Self-Reliant Living.

Raise goats. Make your own soap. Don't just knit a sweater, shear your sheep and get your own yarn source. Folks who'd be interested:
--Folks at the Urban Ecology Center
--Folks at Outpost and Riverwest Co-ops
--Folks who homeschool
--Fans of communal living projects and working the land.

Wednesday, November 2, 7 pm, at Boswell:
Lisa Albert, author of Mercy Lily.

This novel for teens and adults deals with a young woman who is caring for her mother with advanced MS, and the dilemma she faces when her mother wants to end her own life.  This event is for:
--Budding writers of young adult fiction.  Support your own and get publishing ideas.
--Folks dealing with end-of-life issues
--Friends and family of the author, who lives in Muskego. Come celebrate her big day!

Saturday, November 5, 2 pm, a co-sponsorship with Patched Works at the Elm Grove Woman's Center, 13885 Watertown Plank Road:
Jennifer Chiaverini, author of The Wedding Quilt and other novels.

The author's newest novel in the Elm Creek Quilts series focuses on the wedding of Sarah's preparation for her daughter Carodline's wedding, and the quilt being made to commemmorate the occasion. Chiaverini is a wonderful speaker and this book would be perfect for:
--Other crafters
--Folks who like novels that connect and carry on like old friends
--You like really cool commemorative pins? We've got one!
--People who want more events from us in Waukesha County.

Saturday, November 5, 2 pm, Nordic November, featuring:
Eric Dregni, author of Vikings in the Attic: In Search of Nordic America.

Dregni travels the midwest, looking for traces of his Scandanavian heritage and how it has morphed in the new world.  Come on all ye:
--Sons of Norway
--Lovers of lutefisk and lusekofter
--Not just for Norwegians, but Swedes, Finns, Danes, and Icelanders too.
--Folks who like travel narratives--we've got slides

Appearing with Dregni will be:
Joan Peterson, author of Eat Smart in Norway.

Peterson's Gingko Press fills a gap in travel guides, offering tips on less written-about destinations on our favorite passtime, eating. This talk about the old country also includes slides. In addition to all the reasons to come listed above, anyone planning a trip (at this point, for next spring) will get some much needed planning help.

And why not host four authors in one day?

Saturday, November 5, 7 pm reception, 8 pm talk, at Boswell:
Paul Schmitz,  author of Everyone Leads: Building Leadership from the Community Up .

Leadership is found in unlikely places.  And Schmitz, CEO of Milwaukee-based Public Allies, offers a game plan for training tomorrow's leaders, based on, to paraphrase the head of the Kellogg Foundation, "inclusion, collaboration, and community building."

This event should appeal to:
--Progressive business leaders
--Folks at nonprofits
--Community organizers
--And of course, since Public Allies, is based here in Milwaukee, we're hoping to get a good contingent of folks connected to the organization, as well as to Schmitz.

Want a more traditional roundup?  Here's last week's email newsletter. And know someone who would just love one of these events, if only they knew about it? Please let them know.

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