Friday, July 29, 2011

We Get Photos of Fishy Tee Shirts and Crowy the Metal Crow, and Also Temporary Tattoos.

When I used to go to Bear Brew on Milwaukee Street years ago, the owner had a series of photos with folks around the world wearing his tee shirts.I'm probably not going to do that, mostly because it will remind me too much of the scrumptuous cookies he used to sell from the Knickerbocker Cafe (now The Knick, cookieless) that I can no longer enjoy.

However, it is a hard thing not to include a photo of someone enjoying our fishy tee from halfway around the world (it's Israel). It's also a great place to mention that I've gotten a bid to print more fishy tees.  I said they'd be limited edition, and of course they will be eventually.  But we're just getting too many requests not to not print just a few more.  I'll let you know when they are once again available.

Thanks, Anne, for sending the photo.  I hope you don't mind that I sort of reimagined your niece's face, since I didn't quite have her permission to post it.  Perhaps she will enjoy this artistic rendition.

It's hard nowadays to get a photo that hasn't been posted everywhere, so I apologize for things you may have already seen on Facebook. In this photo, for example, our friend Rebecca S., who like me, was a big fan of the metal crows I brought in last year, was able to capture Crowy making a friend.

Look closely. The non-metal bird is hovering just in front of the Rubik's Cube. Curse you, oh Cube, the ruin of the finest toy company in Queens!(Note: I'm sure they had other issues, but it's always nice to offer simple answers. And my store, whenever it closes, will absolutely close because of ebooks, or the biggest headline I can find that will take the weight off my mismanagement.)

And finally, in the continuing saga of every cool book coming with a temporary tattoo, this little uber-posing is in support of Volt, Alan Heathcock's acclaimed collection of stories. They don't get me involved in these angry-face photo shoots as I would probably break out into a giggle too quickly. But I knew what I was getting into when I passed on Mr. Heathcock's nice note that included the tattoos

Now you're probably too scared to ask where the travel section is. PS--it's just to the rear of our register desk. And don't worry, they really are just posing.

*Ideal Toy Company, of course, maker of Mouse Trap, Tip It, Toss Across, Hands Down, and many other games I never heard of. It is said that the incredible upsurge in demand for the Cube and just as quick decline led to the company's sale. I guess the brand has been rehabilitated by Poof/Slinky, but they had to rename Tip It into Steady Freddy, due to another company holding the trademark. Here's a link to an obsessive website after my own heart.

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Rebecca said...

In case it's not clear, that's a real live bird sitting on our book shelves. It was stuck in our fireplace for two days before we set out on a dangerous mission to release it.