Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th--We're Open 10 to 5, New Night Owl Journals, Too Many Bestseller Pages of Bestsellers in the NYTBR

1. Yes, we're not only open at 10 am today, but I am hosting our in-store book club at 11 am.  We're discussing Emma Donoghue's Room.  I have found some interesting interviews and even some negative reviews.  But what I really want is every book that she references (including indirectly) in the story.  Long list, huh?

2. Yesterday I played catch up with receiving our gift items.  Anne processed most of the cards while I was gone, except for Night Owl Paper Goods, which hadn't been priced in the computer.  I got it in the computer and received these new wooden journals; we brought in new styles as we sold 11 of the first 12.  OK, I bought two of them. I'm hoping the owl, giraffe, and peacock are popular enough for us to sell 13 out of 12.  The design also comes in a blank greeting card. They also do wooden greeting cards, but unlike Spitfire Girl, theirs are sent in an envelope.

3. Is anyone else sick of reading five and a half pages of bestseller lists in The New York Times?  Does anyone except The New York Times and perhaps publishers who are hoping their title will hit the lower reaches of one of the lists feel it is quite repetitive and could be condensed into two pages?  Wouldn't it be more important to get three to four more reviews into the paper?

It feels like filler to me.  And which one do you think they would cut?  Oh, at this point, the traditional printed books list.  And yet these people are buying the printed newspaper.  Maybe we just need top tens, with the rest online. 

And while we're at it, I really hate the series being mooshed together on the kids' list.  Yes, I know that sometimes means there are five Harry Potter books in the top five.  But isn't that a better reflection than fifteen titles in a series going up against another series with three books? Don't like it!

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