Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Gift Post--Bird Pens, Squeekaboos, Dragon Keylights, and Other New Items.

In between running around town for the restaurant show, our great turnout at Marquette for Father Greg Boyle, a eco-historic evening with the Paulsons at the Urban Ecology Center, and getting ready for conferences next week (more about those tomorrow), plus of course the day-today work in the bookshop, we also got some nice new items in for sale.

The spring table is in full bloom, now at the front of the store with those hanging wooden birds. Yes, we sold them as Christmas ornaments (and yes, they are still 25% off the original price), but John convinced me they work particularly well in a cottage-y setting, and sent me a photo. We also just got in bird pens, which are $6.95 each. But what's really been hot are our enamel birds. We just restocked from the vendor and will be putting out more this weekend, now in the classic size and something a bit larger.

Our chick-tastic Easter table is beginning to get attention, and will likely get more when we move it to the table in front of our check-out desk this week. We love the chick finger puppets, and restocked a few more of those. I am quite fond of them, as well as the chick mugs. Like most things involved in the bookstore, I'm holding my breath until April 25th. Aside from that new addition, I think everything that we're getting for Easter is gotten.

Did I mention we got the new Eyebod eyeglass holders in, now in a rainbow of colors? Or that we have a new dragon keylight (picutred in a way that makes it look sort of like an pop art poster), that sort of breathes fire? So handy. Plus for kids, new noise-making animal rattles, and kaleidoscopes with new designs. I really think these rattles are cute, but I always worry that the cardboard display material cheapens the look. We just got a whole bunch of new stuff for kids that came in these kinds of displays, including magnetic games, kites in a bag, trucks that are also blocks, and a big marble-shaped tin of marbles. My suspicion is that sometimes we'll use them and sometimes we won't.
And all that leads up to our project for this week, an outdoor activities table. Yes, there was snow on the ground, but we're just ignoring it. More next Saturday!

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