Friday, March 25, 2011

Italy Window, Urban Ecology Center Tonight, Do You Know This Plush?

Lawrence Baldassaro came in today to test the projector for his event for Beyond DiMaggio: Italian Americans in Baseball, the event for which is 3/31, 7 pm. We hit a few dead ends on getting our Italian flag for our themed window, but when I said to Larry, "You find me an Italian flag and you get our big window", he had one in days. Hurray! Here is the author posing with said window.


Normally I'm trying to sell you plush. Tomorrow I'll have our Saturday gift post, filled with new goodies (a lot came in this week). But in this case, I'm trying to get you to take back plush you already own. Not one, but two stuffed animals were left behind in the past few weeks. So consider this a figurative milk carton. Last seen March 17th.


Tonight I'm selling books at the Urban Ecology Center for Lisa and Belden Paulson. The Paulsons were eco-pioneers, two residents of the rural enclave High Wind, that focused on matters of education, ecology and spirit. The authors are talking tonight at 7 pm at 1500 East Park Place. The two featured titles are:

An Unconventional Journey: The Story of High Wind, from Vision to Community to Eco-Neighborhood, by Lisa Paulson
Voices of a Sacred Land: Images and Evolution, by Lisa Paulson


Odyssey of a Practical Visionary: Eco-Communities, Sustainable Futures, Refugee Resettlement, Poverty and Racism, Dysfunctional Schools, by Belden Paulson.

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