Thursday, March 24, 2011

Galley-On Giveaway Today, Gluten-Free Tomorrow

We are doing our periodic giveaway of advance reading copies starting today through Saturday. The idea is that if you spend $5 or more, you get to choose from our case of galleys. Adult and kids choices included. They aren't brand new (we're hoping you buy the full-priced books), but there are a lot of interesting titles in many different areas...if you consider the various differentiations between genres of contemporary fiction different.

In the true spirit of over the top, Stacie and Jocelyn created a pirate ship to commemorate the occasion. I suspect we will be using it for a pirate display sometime later. I certainly hope so. Now a publisher just has to throw us a pirate event.

The giveaway continues through Saturday, and maybe Sunday if we have a lot less. The rules are one per customer per day, but they'll probably be slightly looser on Saturday.


Tomorrow is our event with Anne Byrn, the Cake Mix Doctor. She's now cooking gluten free, which is why she named her new book The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free. It's like your podiatrist also became your dermatologist. I'm impressed.

Though more people can tolerate gluten than not (they are, of course, intolerant), there seems to be a strong demand for books of this sort. It's the one area of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association show that we restocked.

So here are our co-sponsors:

1. The Gluten Free Trading Company. On Chase and Oklahoma, they have a large assortment of specialty needs.

2. Celiac in the City. This blogger explores the world of gluten free living. She will be baking treats, using ingredients from sponsor one.

3. Milwaukee Reads. Also blogging. Also baking treats. Had a good time at Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) event. I think Lisa is now more active on Facebook and Twitter. Links are on the page.

4. Molly's Gluten Free Bakery of Pewaukee. It ain't that far if the product is good. I just spent time with one of our best customers, who jaunts over from Madison. I special ordered her some Nomskulls, which are skull shaped cupcake molds. We'll have them on display closer to Halloween, unless I come up with a different skeleton/skull themed display.
And did I mention that Molly's is bringing treats? Hope this is co-sponsory enough for you. See you at 7. Byrn will also be at Books and Company in Oconomowoc on Saturday, March 26th, at 1 pm.

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Mary Bisbee-Beek said...

For those interested in Gluten-Free living there is a forthcoming book from Demos/Health publishers called WHAT NURSES KNOW Gluten-Free Lifestyle The Answers You Need From the People You Trust by Sylvia A Llewelyn Bower, R.N. -- handy chapters include a description of the disease; getting tested; what gluten is and why you might not be able to tolerate it; how to work with kids who are gluten intolerant...practical and accessible information. Your local bookseller will be able to order this with ease!