Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Short Post Before Lanora and I talk at the Woman's Club of Wisconsin--General Panic, One Cancellation.

Today at Noon Lanora Hurley of Next Chapter Bookshop are doing our now-annual presentation of holiday gift ideas at the Woman's Club of Wisconsin luncheon. I was very smart and put together a very nice list, all printed up and folded. Then I pulled a bunch of different books. Then I realized one of my books (Cleopatra) was currently out of stock, though we expect more any day.

Then I realized we had an event booked for the National Book Award winner, Lord of Misrule, for January (January 17th, to be exact). Our five books disappeared in an instant. No, I hadn't placed our event order. Panic ensued. How will McPherson be able to get the books out? Will our event stand? Vintage has paperback rights. Will they help with the hardcover reprinting? Will the paperback be pushed up?

Filling massive demand from small presses can be a challenge. I don't know how Bellevue Literary Press did it with Tinkers. We have an event with him too, on February 17th. Wow! Thank you to Mary and Molly who helped set these up.

One event that won't be happening is for Debi Tibbles, author of All Aboard: How Ollie Tibbles Became a Train. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she will not be able to make the trip from Michigan. I totally understand how these things can be. If I ever write a book (undoubtedly self published, the tour will be a mess.)

To my knowledge, she will still be appearing on "At Issue by Ben Merens" on Friday, only by phone.

Now off to the lunch.

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