Friday, November 26, 2010

Shopping at Boswell During the Holidays--An Added Table of Bargain Books

We've been gearing up for our holiday season, and I guess now is the time when you find out how your store is going to do for the year (Yes, for bookstores that are not in tourist areas or driven by textbook sales, it's all about December). I know Boswell looks great. First of all, because I think it does, and secondly, because of all your feedback and compliments. Much thanks!

We don't open at 3 AM and we've stayed away from doorbusters, as I don't want our doors broken. That said, Jason bought a whole bunch of new remainders and hurts at the Cirobe show in Chicago, and more since. In fact, we've got so much that we've added a bargain table to our front area, in between our two new paperback tables. I'm particularly excited about the new assortment of music, particularly Jazz for Peanuts.

Another great value option is our second-hand selection. Now I know that buying used books will not work for every recipient, but I can think of a number of people I know who would see it as a positive, for either environmental reasons, or because the book is no longer available as a new title. And because we're pretty picky about what we bring in, a lot of our selections look new. That said, we don't allow returns on our second-hand titles, so choose carefully. Also, be aware that we are not buying used books until January.

Speaking of returns, we have eased our returns policy through the holidays. You'll have through January 15th to return anything with a regular or gift receipt that was bought after November 1st. Not sure if they want it? Please ask us for a gift receipt.

All that, plus plenty of reasonably priced gift items, boxed cards, ornaments (I've been told that this bird with nest is a very good deal and it proves out, as we've been selling it quite well), calendars, and a nice assortment of Boswell's Best, at 20% off list price.

But in the end, you're not going to shop us for price. I know that and you know that. It's about the store. I was so happy this week to have a customer tell me how much he enjoys coming back home over the holidays, so he can hang out (yes, and buy stuff) at his favorite bookstore. And he lives in a town with a wonderful independent, so that was a nice compliment indeed.

So after you've mobbed the malls, braved the big boxes, and clicked and clacked through your websites, maybe it's time to come in and have some relaxation time, in a store where you can browse to your heart's content, with a cup of coffee or tea, and find the perfect gift that you can feel good about. Oh, and maybe pick up something for yourself too.

Much thanks for your patronage, and enjoy the holiday weekend.

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