Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Receiving Area is Out of Control

First I booked a ton of events. Then I agreed to do a mess of offsite sales (yes, without a car still). I had to turn one down yesterday where we were already doing six things in a three-day period. And then she told me that last year they did the author who is appearing this year for one of my offsites, and that made me worried that maybe their constituencies overlapped and everyone already had the book.

Oh, and Pam's doing two school events next week for James Dashner and an offsite as well.

Then we got almost all our Christmas stuff in, and it just seems a wee bit too early to put out. But Thanksgiving? That was supposed to go out yesterday. We have to switch out the tee shirt table with the table in the back with, oh, you don't want to know.

So anyway, boxes are sort of creeping out of the receiving room and drifting into every conceivable place. Above every bookcase. In piles by the pillars. But I have made up some silly signs to go along with the still non-existent displays.

It's a mess and I apologize in advance. But first we have to finish the email newsletter (or start it) and get the Tucker Max event done (tonight at 7, signing only, only yesterday we heard their may be some Q&A. We'll see. But no restrictions. No tickets.) Oh, and Greg Graffin's leftovers are still here, from last Saturday.

Do you still want to own a bookstore?


Rebecca said...

I love the title of this post.

brian said...

it gets out of control so easily. one second it's all, "oh i can take my sweet time with this special order from the university of somewhere-i've never-heard-of press," and the next you're waist deep in boxes demanding instant attention. those were the days. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so with you. My desk currently holds the remote control to the fireplace, tags to return to the stationary store,a watery mocha, two iffy-looking water bottles, books that need to be returned, post-its in a plethora of hues, bills, bills and did I mention, bills. An adding machine, a telephone, stapler, tape order forms, stamps and a teeny bit of flat, unoccupied space right in front of the keyboard. Hang in there. Tomorrow will be the day you clear the deck! An ever hopeful fellow bookseller