Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kostova Braves Wind Storm for Great Reading at Boswell

Neither rain nor sleet nor crazed wind storm warnings kept away fans of Elizabeth Kostova, author of The Historian. We had a nice turnout of 40 people for the paperback release of The Swan Thieves. I was convinced to buy a copy, and it is definitely a great pick for visual art teachers. Yes, I recently did a talk that focused on reads for art, music, and gym teachers.

We're in the middle of what I call our 3000-page week. Yes, that's how many pages you'd have to read if you got through all the books we've hosted from last Saturday to this Friday. Tomorrow we have our lunch with Mireille Guiliano at Lake Park Bistro at Noon, and then Nicole Krauss at 7 PM. And check out our Facebook page for folks commenting on the object in their life that would most inspire a novel.

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