Friday, October 15, 2010

Not Enough Time, Not Enough Time! A Plug for James Dashner Tonight

Time issue number one--I am clearly late on getting the email newsletter out. Fortunately every event through yesterday had a feature on our last email newsletter, but it must get out soon.

Fortunately the press release went out and the November event calendar is pretty much ready for the printer, thanks to the efficient work of Stacie. We've got a lot of stuff going on, but alas, the problems on switching to a new computer system have left me a bit emotionally drained.

Fortunately we have this blog where we can mention some nice events:

A. Tonight is James Dashner, coming for The Scorch Trials, the secquel to The Maze Runner. Our event is at Boswell, at 7 PM. As I write this, we our hosting two events at schools. You get a better feel on how these are going to go beforehand (the students preorder the book) and they are both going to go just fine. And then he heads off to the Sheboygan Children's Book Festival, which is going on this weekend.

B. As per yesterday's post, we're hosting Rebecca Johns, author of The Countess, a novel about Hungary's Blood Countess, perhaps one of the inspriations for Dracula, but from her perspective. Note to serial killer fans--this is more like classic historical fiction, perhaps Sarah Dunant, Tracy Chevalier, or Philippa Gregory.*

C. Also going on tomorrow is the Great Lakes Writers Workshop at Alverno College. Here's the program. Stacie will have a mini-bookshop of writing, creativity, marketing, and reference books. More on this website.

Time issue number two--being too late to my our own events! Yesterday, I sold books at a luncheon for Robert Egger at the WWBIC, the Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation. I have more to say about that on another post, but in the time it took for me to get back and detoured about the problems of the day, and checking receiving and some email, I forget to do the reconciliation from the offsite!

Lots of issues with the new computer system, but Jason and Amie are doing a great job handling most of the problems. I just sit around and worry.

So I charged out the sales, and it was a bit slower as I made numerous mistakes on the new cash register, and then I walked to the 15 bus to get to the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center to see Justin Spring, the author of The Secret Historian, which we were co-sponsoring, and was recently nominated for a National Book Aard. Stacie was in the store to introduce Peter Geye, author of Safe from the Sea.

I missed the bus, got to the Center a half hour late, and it was full. Congrats to all, but the seats were backed up to the door and I couldn't get in. Alas, it's not the kind of neighborhood where you can lounge outside until the event is over. Outwords was already the primary bookstore, selling the books. So congrats to all and hurray.

*Or Judith Merkle Riley, who recently passed away. She had one book that had an amazing amount of attention, but after that was published quietly. Like Johns, she taught at the college level, but not literature, government!

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