Sunday, September 5, 2010

Updating the Blogs that I Follow

It happens. Blogs burn out. Mine hasn't--I assure you that before I stop this thing, I'll move to a once or twice a week schedule. Currently I have enough to yabber about that I can post daily.

But other bloggers move on. One blog I followed moved on to Twitter. Another stopped to write a book. But where does that leave me and my iGoogle page (where the blogs I follow show up)?

So I've gone back to the well to find some interesting book blogs that I previously was not consulting regularly.

Here's what's been added to my home page:

The Green Apple Core, from the Green Apple bookstore in San Francisco. Recent posts on the San Francisco Borders closing, the release of Freedom, and locating a copy of The Elegance of the Hedgehog when a customer told them it had an animal in the title.

Between the Covers, from Denver's Tattered Cover has a post on the new feature in Poets and Writers' September-October issue. I feel like last season's Miss America passing on her tiara.

The New York Times Book Review's Paper Cuts. A recent post is on the new edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

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