Monday, September 27, 2010

I Promise not to Talk About Each Facebook Giveaway on the Blog, but this is our First Major One, Front-Row Tickets to David Sedaris at the Riverside.

Here's another reason to like us on Facebook. We're hoping to start offering giveaways to promote our events, and well, whatever we're excited about.

This week we're talking up the release of David Sedaris' Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, out tomorrow (9/28) with the giveaway of two pairs of tickets to the Sedaris show at the Riverside on 10/23. Wait for our offer post and then comment on whether you're more of a squirrel or a chipmunk. Feel free to expand on that. And you'll be entered. Here's our Facebook page.

The new book is a collection of animal stories. Cats at AA meetings, ducks in complaint lines, that sort of thing. Illustrations are by Ian Falconer of Olivia fame.

If you like these sorts of giveaways, we're also offering the prize tieing into our signing with Tucker Max for A**holes Finish First. I know I can write A**holes, but I l*ke writing asterisks. Plus I offend enough people as it is.

It's a copy of the book plus first place on our signing line. There are two prize winners. Friend the folks at the A.V. Club Milwaukee to get a piece of that.

Stacie and I will be posting the contest info shortly.


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