Thursday, September 3, 2009

What You Missed Last Week--Robert Rodi and Canine Companion

When Penguin called us to book an event (yes, I actually got an event from a major publisher that I didn't chase) with Robert Rodi (an easy and inexpensive day trip from Chicago) for his new funny memoir Dogged Pursuit: My Year of Competing Dusty, the World's Least Likely Agility Dog, I just assumed that Dusty would be coming along. So the gracious Ms. R checked, and yes, he would be attending.

The results were a really fun event with a great turnout of 50 dog lovers. Dusty even did a few agility moves for us, one even successfully. Rodi said that had he known how large the store was, he would have brought some equipment for demos. (Great idea for the paperback!)

Dusty was my kind of dog, willing to listen, but a bit standoffish. No cuddling in bed for this guy, so we're told. He was not only a Sheltie, but a Shelter Sheltie, rescued when he was about a year old, but of course with shelter dogs, you don't really know. And I know nothing about dog breeds, but several folks showed me pictures of their Shelties; now I am a bit more conversant in the breed. I also know now that, at least according to Mr. Rodi, Border Collies are the best agility dogs.

I was talking with Robert and Jeffrey (his human companion) afterwards and asked how other events with Dusty had gone. It turned out we were their first! Our presumption turned out to be inspiration. Note to other stores--if you can have a dog in your store for an event (meaning, you don't have food service), think about doing it.

Thanks to the Journal Sentinel for covering the event in the Cue section--it realy helped.
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