Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Follow Up on Lorrie Moore--She's Milwaukee Bound! Mark your calendars for November 12th.

You remember my post about Milwaukee not getting Lorrie Moore. I included a handy schedule if you were so inclined to organize a trip around seeing her read. My friend forwarded me a review from ex-Milwaukeean Patrick, ecstatic about her recent appearance in Seattle. It was definitely an event not worth missing.

Well, Milwaukeeans, cancel your flight plans. Ms. Moore is appearing at Boswell on Thursday, November 12th, at 7 PM. It's a free event, with very few restrictions. (She won't sign backlist without purchase of a new book.) We ask that you buy your book from us; if nothing else, that you leave your competitor's bag at home.

While we're still on the subject of Moore, I want to give a big thank you to everyone at Random House and the Knopf Publishing Group (ok, and anyone I knew who knew her* to put in a good word) who helped make this happen, as well as Ms. Moore herself. I know she is pulled every which way by publishing demands this fall, what with all the great attention her novel has received. I'm glad to say that A Gate at the Stairs is our #1 hardcover fiction book for the second week in a row. As a special thank you to our customers, we're going to keep this book discounted 20% through the end of the month.

If we reach capacity, the doors shut for the reading. But folks who want their books signed will be able to come back in once the reading is over and some of the crowds have left. Go have a drink at Hollander or Henry's. If this happens, you'll need one. But don't have more than one or you'll get obnoxious and we won't let you back in anyway.

Look, I don't expect this to happen. But for our big names (that would include Sherman Alexie on Wednesday, October 21s, 7 PM, and the just-added Ralph Nader on Sunday, September 27th, 5 PM), my suggestion to you is to get to Boswell Book Company early, at least a half an hour beforehand.

Remember, the success of our events determines whether we get events in the future. (This translates your book from us, or at least from another local indie in the area).

Footnotes, effectively:
*Or knew someone who knew her. Or knew someone who knew someone who knew her.

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