Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Interesting Find in Second-Hand

We are buying second-hand collections every day. Note to potential sellers--we buy for credit and you should really call first to make sure we have someone who can handle the purchase. We really discourage drop offs as it makes the store look like a junk drawer.

To figure out what we might take, you might want to come in and look at the store first. We're picky about quality, but I am sometimes willing to forgive a blemish or two from a cool old mass market from the 50's or 60's. We don't sell galleys--hey, it says not to sell them and my fifth grade teacher would not be happy. We don't pay as much for books that were clearly already used or bargain.

Every so often you find something that makes your day. Here's something we found recently. It's a request from the publisher to make sure they send a tear sheet of any thing written about the book, and it's from 1961.

This is a Scribner title. So being that I'm writing about it, Wendy, Kate, Chris, Michael, Nan, Greg, Katie, Heidi, Brian, Susan, Elizabeth, Brant and anyone else I might have forgotten who would be concerned...is it OK if I just send you a link?

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