Sunday, August 23, 2009

Freshening Up the Film Table with Entertainment Weekly's Double Issue

I love movie tie-in tables. There's no question that one industry dwarfs the other, and even an art film can turn a book that dribbles in sales into a steady seller. And for a Time Traveler's Wife? That would make it a #1 bestseller. Even Evening, the Susan Minot book that was adapted into a poorly-performing movie, albeit with a screenplay by Michael Cunningham, soared in sales.

So that's why our table is more or less permanent, at least somewhere in the store. But it was put together very quickly, because my former boss Carol was filming a promo for the Milwaukee Film Festival just as our store opened.

Now we've freshened it up with a rather complete list of films adapted from books (including a major book with a name change--Saphhire's Push has become Oprah's Precious.) The list is adapted from Entertainment Weekly's double-issue movie preview. I have a subsciption (of course--how could I not when they gave Elinor Lipman's The Family Man a glowing review and also put it on the "Must List.") but it seems like an issue that we should sell out in the store.

Prove me wrong! We put copies of Newsweek on their "what books to read now" display and we sold out the magazine.

I love lists. Did you figure that out yet?

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