Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Celebrating Aaron Boyd's illustrations: Signed copies of Luigi and the Barefoot Races, Calling the Water Drum, the Snowtoad tee, and more

With snow on the ground, it's time to celebrate the season with our special Snowtoad tee shirt, created by Boswellian Aaron Boyd. We have a limited selection of sizes at a special price of $10.*

While we're talking about Boyd, may we remind you that we also have autographed copies of several of Aaron's books.

Calling the Water Drum, written by Latisha Redding. From Kirkus: " Redding's distinguished text sensitively portrays the tragedies young Henri and Karrine have faced, and Boyd's watercolor illustrations expressively convey the love of Henris family, the perils of their sea crossing, and the range of emotions he experiences as he finds his way in New York with his uncle and friends. Moving."

Melena's Jubilee, written by Zetta Elliott. From Publishers Weekly: "Befitting the sense of grace that Melena clings to, Boyd's vibrant mixed-media images evoke the heft and poise of stained glass windows, whether showing Melena and her elders picking garden vegetables or the girl and her friends perched on the jungle gym, gazing at swirling clouds."

Luigi and the Barefoot Races, written by Dan Paley. Kirkus writes: "Boyd's bright illustrations move right along with the action and depict a multicultural community from a variety of panoramic and close-up perspectives."

Janna and the Kings, written by Patricia Smith. Winner of Lee and Low's New Voices Award. Citing Booklist: "Boyd’s bright watercolor spreads nicely interpret the characters’ emotions and sense of community."

Babu's Song, written by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen. The School Library Journal take: "Boyd’s impressionistic watercolors capture the rich colors of the countryside and the market and effectively convey the story’s emotions. Babu’s Song will resonate with a wide range of readers."

We're so excited by Mr. Boyd's next illustration for the store, but we're not officially releasing it until 2019. That said, if you follow Boyd on Facebook, you've already seen it.

*At this point, we're out of unisex (traditional cut) 3X and fitted (what was called women's or junior cut) small and XL. We only have one unisex small and 2X and multiples of the other sizes.

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