Friday, September 1, 2017

The Nancy Pearl Recommendation List for Our Book Lover's Evening on Saturday, September 9, 7 pm (with Pearl in Conversation with Kathleen Dunn)

It's almost time for our event with Nancy Pearl in conversation wtih Kathleen Dunn. This was the kind of event we'd hoped for for a long time, with Dunn and Pearl duplicating their on-air banter on Dunn's Wisconsin Public Radio show. Now it's even more special, as Dunn has retired from Wisconsin Public Radio.

This special evening is Saturday, September 9, 7 pm at Boswell. Tickets are $29 and include the book. Five dollars goes back as a contribution to Wisconsin Public Radio, our event cosponsor, and the ticket includes all taxes and fees, plus a copy of Nancy Pearl's new novel, George & Lizzie. On the night of the event, a $19 Boswell gift card is available in lieu of the book. But don't forget that a signed copy makes a great gift.

As we noted in our email newsletter, George & Lizzie, which pubs on September 5, is already getting some great reviews. Carol Memmott in The Washington Post: "Pearl’s novel, which could also be appropriate for mature young adults, is an homage to true love, painful childhood experiences and emotional scars that last a lifetime. It’s a story of forgiveness, especially for one’s self. Astonishingly, it even turns into a testimony to the efficacy of Buddhist meditation as a path toward tranquility - what George describes as greeting 'the next moment of your life with no trace of the last.'

The Kirkus Reviews said: "There’s a fairy-tale quality to the narrative voice and extreme premises of this book that some will find endearing." Some? Some? Doesn't anyone read Laurie Colwin anymore?

And sure enough, that book showed up on Nancy Pearl's recommendation list. We've got a nice display of Pearl's reading list at the front desk, and I'm happy to say that folks are buying books off of it. Here's the list.

1. Amateurs, by Dylan Hicks
2. Amy Falls Down, by Jincy Willett (a previous Willett was a Dzvid Sedaris pick)
3. August Snow, by Stephen Mack Jones (I just read this! He's coming November 3)
4. Less, by Andrew Sean Greer (part of the summer of comedy - amazing reviews on this)
5. Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk, by Kathleen Rooney (came for her last book. Hope to have a book club event with her for the paperback. Jane's a fan)
6. Lions, by Bonnie Nadzam (Nadzam has Wisconsin connections and visited for Lamb)
7. The Middlesteins, by Jami Attenberg (I'm also a fan of this)
8. Single, Carefree, Mellow, by Katherine Heiny (Sharon's a fan of her new book)
9. Straight Man, by just-became-a-bookstore-owner Richard Russo
10. The Easy Way Out, by Stephen McCauley (a fan of his work. McCauley came for his last novel)
11. The Portable Veblen, by Elizabeth McKenzie (I haven't read every book here, but I'm guessing McKenzie's novel is the closest in style to Pearl's)
12. The 12 Lives of Samuel Hawley, by Hannah Tinti (Kay's a fan of this)
13. The Widow Nash, by Jamie Harrison

Gretchen from Wisconsin Public Radio will be at the event with lots of WPR swag.

Book lovers, you will love this event. I guess I should call this Book Lovers Week because of our event with Bill Goldstein on September 9. Is it too much to suggest you come to both? After all, we had no events between August 23 and September 7. It's time to catch up! Once again, here's the link to tickets.

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