Thursday, July 28, 2016

Announcing a ticketed event with bestselling author Jennifer Weiner, in conversation with "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" Book Editor Jim Higgins, Tuesday, October 18, 7 pm, at Boswell

Boswell is excited to announce that Jennifer Weiner will be coming to Boswell for a ticketed event on Tuesday, October 18, 7 pm. Weiner will be in conversation with Jim Higgins of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and appears in conjunction with her latest release, Hungry Heart: Adventures in Life, Love, and Writing.

But you probably know Weiner best as the author of 11 novels and a collection of stories:
Good in Bed (2001)
In Her Shoes (2002)
Little Earthquakes (2004)
Goodnight Nobody (2005)
The Guy Not Taken:Stories (2006)
Certain Girls (2008)
Best Friends Forever (2009)
Fly Away Home (2010)
Then Came You (2011)
The Next Best Thing (2012)
All Fall Down (2014)
Who Do You Love (August 2015).

You may also remember that In Her Shoes was adapted into a 2005 film with Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, and Shirley MacLaine.

You also might know Weiner (photo credit Maarten de Boer) as a social media phenomenon. From Rebecca Mead's 2014 profile in The New Yorker: "Her other audience (meaning in addition to readers and other fans) is made up of writers, editors, and critics. Through her blog and her Twitter account, Weiner has stoked a lively public discussion about the reception and consumption of fiction written by women. This audience is smaller than the one that buys her books, and barely intersects with it. Yet social media have given Weiner a parallel notoriety, as an unlikely feminist enforcer."

What you don't know her as (yet) is a guest at Boswell! I am very pleased to be hosting Ms. Weiner in conversation with Jim Higgins, a great supporter of women writers in all sorts of genres. As the book editor at the Journal Sentinel, he's an avid reader and astute critic, who can appreciate that every sort of writing has its own sort of rules for success, and the key is determining whether the writer was successful in accomplishing what they set out to do. And don't forget that Weiner was once a features reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Tickets for our October 18 event are being sold through Brown Paper Tickets. The cost is $28, includes admission for one, a copy of Hungry Heart: Adventures in Life, Love, and Writing, and all taxes and fees. On the night of the event, a $20 gift card is available in lieu of the book. And if you don't like ordering by website, you can also call for tickets at 800-838-3006. If you don't have the link, you can use keywords "Jennifer Weiner" and "Boswell," and if you are numbers oriented like I am, our event # is 2567707.

Here's a little more about the new book: "No subject is off-limits in this intimate and honest essay collection: sex, weight, envy, money, her mom's late-in-life lesbianism, and her estranged fathers death. From lonely adolescence to modern childbirth to hearing her six-year-old daughters use of the f-word, fat, for the first time, Jennifer dives deep into the heart of female experience, with the wit and candor that have endeared her to readers all over the world." If you're a fan of Weiner's fiction, you will love reading her essays!

Please note, that being that the event is within seven days of the on-sale date, we will not have an early pickup option. And while you must purchase a ticket to attend this event, we are accepting signed copy requests through our website, if you cannot attend. Shipping available to the continental United States only.

And that's the story! We've got 300 tickets available, and one (or maybe two) of them has your name on it. And if you're coming from afar, why not have a Milwaukee vacation and get tickets for Ann Patchett in conversation with Jane Hamilton on October 19.

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