Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How the Holiday Giftwrapping Works at Boswell and How Your Organization Can be Part of It in 2015.

For the last several years, we've been having nonprofits do the giftwrapping for us between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Folks can donate to the organization in lieu of a fee; it's completely voluntary. I'm not taking credit for this; we did this at several Schwartz stores and it's also common practice at Barnes and Noble.

Here is Jane's report on the "state of the wrappers."

This year we had volunteer gift wrappers,representing seven organizations
the opportunities
--to do some great fundraising: all volunteers appreciated customer's generosity;
--to showcase their mission's importance to the Milwaukee area community; contribute to the success of Boswell Book Company.

Organizations involved:
--Eastside Senior Services
--Dominican Center for Women
--Cream City Review
--St. Ann Center
--MGVA (Milwaukee Gay Volleyball Association)
--Alice's Garden
--Authors Visit for Milwaukee School Funds

--all of the volunteers loved being in the bookshop during the holidays and hope to be asked again.
--hope to expand the opportunity to more groups

Do you think your nonprofit would be interested in getting giftwrap ships for the 2015 holiday season? If so, contact Jane at Boswell.

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