Friday, May 23, 2014

Beach Food, Beach, Food.

The Northpoint stand is open at Bradford Beach for the season. I walked over and had cheese curds. A fellow was running up and down the stairs. I think he scoffed at the curds.

Yes, the bookstore is walking distance from the beach. It's something I don't think about often enough. Just think, I could run down the stairs, play a round of beach volleyball, and rush back. 

Speaking of beaches...

We're still down one display, despite several new ones going up this week. It felt like time to do our summer reading display. I said, "Let's do a beach read display" only all the books should take place literally at the beach.

I'm not sure how successful we were on this one. There's water involved, but many to me send the spirit of the beach a little too far off the beaten (sandy) path. I'm going to contact my reps to see if they have some ideas. Remember gang, it display is Beach Read Smackdown: Ocean vs. Lake.

Speaking of food...

In the "Well, duh!" category came this accidental placement which I noticed in the store. We're talking about Delancey and Delicious. To make the pun work, you've got to pronounce them "Duh-lancey" and "Duh-licious." Because we alphabetize by title and mix fiction and nonfiction together on the Boswell's Best, the books wound up neighbors. This really was a coincidence. Note the similarities in the cover design, particularly that hand-lettered script-style typeface.

So far Reichl's outselling Wizenberg by a decent margin in the store, but the buffet hasn't shut down yet, so we'll see what happens in the long term. Jason told me that his household is a fan of Wizenberg's A Homemade Life, with several of that book's recipes in rotation in the family kitchen. Alas, even when I am a huge fan of a book with recipes, none of them wind up in rotation anywhere near my kitchen.

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