Thursday, January 9, 2014

More New Displays--Valentine's Day, Kickstart Your Brain, Downton Abbey

Our Valentine's display is in progress. The sign is up, the space is cleared, some of our kids' packs are out, as is that beaufiful new collection of Pablo Neruda poems from University of Texas Press, 100 Love Sonnets. A few books that have worked well for us in the past were brought back into inventory (just in ones, I don't have high expectaions) such as Andrew Shaffer's Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love and David Isay's All There is: Love Stories from Storycorps. One book Jason decided to buy a little pile of is Kari Belsheim's The Little Red Book of Love.

I actually took this display photo before receiving our new assortment of Peaceable Kingdom Valentines, but I'll save that for Saturday's gift post.

Another display went up was a way to tie in two high-profile upcoming events. What do Michio Kaku (February 26) and Malcolm Gladwell (January 31) have in common? They both think about things differently. So we came up with a table of idea books, with Kaku's The Future of the Mind and Gladwell's David and Goliath as the jumping-off point. I found books in business, science, current events, economics, and politics that all qualified for this table. It was fun thinking about it, and it's sort of another spin on a new year's table. How many of you have "think differently" on your new year's resolutions. Not enough of you, that's what I say!

The final table that switched out was our Downton Abbey display, which goodness, only seemed to come down last October. Jane had a great time coming up with titles for this, and thought long and hard about how the new season was set in the twenties. That said, we had plenty of direct tie ins, plus script writer Julian Fellowes' most popular novel, Snobs.  (Note: thanks to Jen for taking the last two of these photos).

I still have at least one more table to go, as we still have our local authors picking their favorite books for Small Business Saturday. Heck, who doesn't like a good rec? It's still selling books.

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