Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--Of Whimsical Thermometers and Other Assorted Odds and Ends.

I don't really have a particular theme for this gift post, but am just highlighting some interesting items. These yeti boy and devil boy themometers showed up as part of a line of greeting cards that I bought at the Minneapolis gift show. I think when I looked out a window, I'd want to both know the temperature and get a little smile, and this seems to fill the bill.

After one of my gift posts, a customer called and told me she had a woodland theme going, and wound up buying deer, fox, mice, and owl ornaments from us. Going into the season, I hoped that TAG would redo the fox and raccoon plates and mugs, perhaps as open stock, but it was not to be. I do like these new Page Flags called Walk in the Woods. There are a lot of these sticky notes lines out there, but this line seems to do consistently well. 

Also pictured is a new-to-us notecard called Bird Sketches. It's from a line we buy aggressively, so I was sort of surprised when this retro design caught my eye and I hadn't yet brought it in. 

Our Providence workshop that provides our leaf and snowflake ornaments also makes lovely magnets. In this picture, you can see the Nutcracker ornament set (bought by at least one of our booksellers as a gift) as well as two magnet sets, pointing fingers and assorted ephemera (feather, leaf, maple polynose or whatever you call them) , and an acorn.

We also restocked our popular leather bracelets. There is a nice assortment of floral designs plus a number of animals, including turtles, owls, butterflies, ladybugs, and a stray snake. Is it morbid of me to be drawn to the black flowers? I don't seem to like black in anything else. Perhaps I'm just contrary.

While we continue to restock everyday items, I made the decision to let our recycled sweater puppets and journals sell down for the holiday. We still have a nice assortment of both, but it gets smaller every day. They, along with their cell phone/coin purses, are made in Canada.

And now back to ordering in Valentine's Day cards.

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