Friday, February 27, 2009

Just One More "Little Bee" Note Before Monday's Event

Nowadays newspapers schedule reviews from big publishers around their on-sale date. I've been despondent because the American critics don't seem to be rallying around Little Bee the way international critics and American booksellers have. Finally a few breaks:
Sarah L. Courteau in the Washington Post compares Cleave to Ian McEwan and says "Little Bee will blow you away."

People Magazine gives Cleave four stars as the weekly People Pick, praising it as a "stunning work" with mixing "wry humor" with "heartbreak and hope." I think they wait a week to post online, so that you buy the magazine.

For those folks who aren't Milwaukeeans who follow this blog (Hi Mom! Actually she has trouble with the cable box), here's where else Cleave is appearing...

Milwaukee, WI, March 2 at 7pm: Event at Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop
Ann Arbor, MI, March 3 at 7pm: Event at Borders, 612 E Liberty
Seattle, WA, March 4 at 7pm: Event at University Bookstore
Seattle, WA, March 5 at 7pm: Event at Third Place Books
Santa Barbara, CA, March 6 at 7pm: Event at Chaucer’s Books
Santa Monica, CA, March 8 at 3pm: Event at Diesel Bookstore
Portland, OR, March 9 at 7.30pm: Event at Powell’s City of Books
Danville, CA, March 10 at 7pm: Event at Rakestraw Books
Capitola, CA, March 11 at 7.30pm: Event at Capitola Book Café
Corte Madera, CA, March 12 at 7pm: Event at Book Passage

Cleave states in his blog that the East coast is next, especially if momentum builds and crowds show up at the events.

Did you notice we are the first event? I'm plotzing. We've got 40 books. If we sell out (I know, I'm dreaming big), don't worry, I've got a backup plan as this schedule is filled with bookseller friends. We'll get your book signed (personalized or not) at one of the stores later on the tour and then mail the carton back to Downer Avenue.

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