Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Don't Know if You've Heard About This, but it's Cold Out

It's bitterly cold today and in much of the country. There's also been a lot of snow. We expect more of both. Winter's here for a while. We have the perfect cookbook for you.

It's the Best Casserole Book Ever. Our Brookfield booksellers have actually kitchen-tested the recipes and they say their great. Beatrice Ojakangas is a seasoned cookbook writer who has put together a number of titles in the past that you've liked. It's a Chronicle book, which pretty much guarrantees a snappy package.

We've actually sold so many that our web site indicates we're out in Brookfield. However, we just got restocked and to be exact, the actual number on hand at Brookfield is 6. Where we are out of stock (likely until today) is Downer Avenue. If you are coming into one of our shops after checking our site, it pays to call first and double-check the number and have us put it on hold for you, especially if it's a hot title.

In the old days of retail (1957?), that business just waited until the weather got better. We received a lot of phone calls, and a rush when the snow stopped or the temperature inched up.

That still happens a bit. But we all know that some of the business moves to the internet, and once you're on the internet, you tend to make decisions in a different way.

If you follow this blog, you know that we use the ABA E-Commerce Solutions site, just like many independent booksellers. We have a special shell over it that makes it a bit more customized than some, but underneath, it's the same engine.

The site works quite well. The quantities aren't always correct but we've improved this recently. It doesn't indicate if the book is on order or not. However, one great option is that you can hold for pickup in store if you don't want it sent out. We pay the freight on a $50 purchase if you choose to have it delivered.

It doesn't have to be Schwartz, but consider using your local independent bookstore's web site to place and hold orders when you're not planning to leave home for a while. That is, until your internet is interrupted by I don't know what, say too much ice on the wi-fi generator. Is it clear yet I don't understand technology in the least?

When that happens, I suggest reading by candlelight, or more safely, flashlight.

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