Friday, March 18, 2016

Ten Things You Need to Know About Felicia Day's Event at Boswell. Make That Four Things About the Event and Six People Saying Nice Things About the Author.

1. The date is Monday, April 25. The time is 7 pm. That is actually two things, but they are related.

2. George R.R. Martin writes: "It's hard to keep up with Felicia Day. She's an actress, a gamer, a screenwriter, a songwriter, a director, a webmaster, a costumer, and queen of the geek girls> It's hard to imagine where such a prodigy could have come from. Wonder no longer. Felicia tells all...well, most...well, her new book. Reading this is like sitting down and having dinner with her, and hearing the story of her life between the clam chowder and cheesecake.

Interest Fact #2A: George R.R. Martin was in Janis Ian's wedding party. You know, the singer who sang "Society's Child" and "At 17" and other good songs that you probably don't know.

3. The signing is for the paperback edition of You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). Tickets are $17, which is just about the cost of the book, includes all taxes and fees, and can be purchase on Brown Paper Tickets. And because we're talking about Felicia Day, please don't call and tell us you're afraid to purchase tickets on the internet. But if you do, you can call Brown Paper Tickets 800-838-3006.

4. Ernie Cline, author of Ready Player One, writes: "At last, the secret origin story of everyone's favorite geek superheroine! Felicia Day's memoir is honest, hopeful, and hysterical. It's the story of a girl who grew up lost and lonely - then became a self-made internet rock star. Reading it will make you feel like you can take on the whole Empire yourself."

Interesting fact #4A: Ernie Cline actually visited Boswell for the hardcover of Ready Player One, but you probably did not attend because you probably didnt' know what the book was yet--we had 38 people, which at that time was considered a good showing. Next time, listen to us! Also, he drove here in his DeLorean.

5. Here are the fun-filled signing restrictions. It's actually not very restictive. Ticket-holders will get their book signed plus one other thing, and yes, that can include a piece of memorabilia. Day will also pose for a photo. We're going to be up pretty late, but I kind of love when authors reward their fans like this.

Interesting fact #5A: We were at the library until 12:30 AM for Markus Zusak. Everyone had a great time.

6. Cory Doctorow, coeditor of Boing Boing writes: "I came for the delightful snark, I stayed for the disarming frankness and the hard-won insights about the internet - Felicia Day uses the internet to distribute entertainment, but she understands that it's really there to be the nervous system of the twenty-first century."

Interesting fact #6A: Cory Doctorow has never come to Boswell, but, he visited the Mequon Schwartz for his YA novel Little Brother, and both Jason and I attended (and I read the book, and I wasn't even doing the events or the kids books yet).

7. From Jenny Lawson, another Boswell guest, just last fall: "Reading Felicia Day's memoir is like going on a road trip with an old friend you never knew you had. This is the perfect book to prove you aren't the only misfit in the world and to remind you that that's a very good thing."

Interesting fact #7A: Somebody bought Jenny Larson raccoon cupcakes at her event for Furiously Happy. They were incredible. That was also a long event. Everyone was super nice and people still talk to me about how great it was.

8. Lev Grossman: "Smart, brave, emotionally raw, and hysterically funny." Yes, he visited Boswell, for the paperback of The Magician King.

9. John Sclazi: "Smart, funny, endearing, nerdy, and maybe also a little bit brave - in other words, very much like its author." Yes, he visited Boswell for Red Shirts. And brave, yes! Did you read the #Gamergate chapter?

10. In addition to playing Vi on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Day has appeared in numerous other television shows, films, web series, and even video games. And she's won a number of Streamy Awards. Who knew there was such a thing?

If you're excited about this, you have very likely seen most if not all of Felicia Day's videos. But it's possibly you just want to get a handle on the whole thing. I think this video is a good introduction, where Day talks about Comicon and fan conventions.

I'm also going to give you the ticket link one last time. And here's a link to this week's email newsletter.


Gavin Schmitt said...

I probably don't count as an author who has appeared at Boswell (although I am), but I could say an endless amount of great things about Felicia Day... I just have to figure out how to fit this event into my schedule!

Becca said...

Those were my cupcakes in #7. And that's all I remember from reading this, because I am geeking out that you remember them.