Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More on Ticketed Lauren Conrad Celebrate Signing at Boswell on Friday, April 1, 7 pm, Including a Link to Tickets.

We are very exciting about our ticketed signing for Lauren Conrad on Friday, April 1, 7 pm, at Boswell.  Lauren Conrad Celebrate went on sale yesterday, March 29, and has already been getting a lot of attention.

In this interview with Faith Cummings in Teen Vogue, Conrad talked about the book's inspiration: "[This guide has] been two years in the making. I was sharing a lot of photos of the parties I was throwing through my site and social media. We’d then get a ton of questions about how to achieve a similar look or how to do it with a smaller budget. We were also covering party etiquette and rules quite a bit, because I was finding that there are were so many unwritten rules when it comes to event planning. For instance: when to get a wedding gift, when an invitation should be sent, dealing with a plus one, and so many other situations. I’ve found that these kinds of guidelines make everything run smoothly because there’s a best practice for how to approach things. With this book, I was able to compile all of the basics, so that the process becomes less complicated and everyone can focus on what they’re there to celebrate — and on having fun."

Natalie Stone in The Hollywood Reporter also talked to Conrad about the book. One of her questions was if there was a party not in the book that she'd like to throw in the future: "I really love themed parties. My husband (William Tell) is actually born in the same week as me, so now we combine our birthdays. We combine our parties now, and he's the dude in that I would throw a theme — I used to do '20s or masquerade — and now we just do the same theme every year which is hoedown... We do that every year, which is really fun. But, I've always wanted to do a prom-themed birthday. You get a cover band and everybody goes to a second-hand store and gets the most obnoxious prom dress that they can find. It would be so fun! High school prom and everyone gets a corsage. I can't wait — I'm going to do it!"

We learned from the first event that there were way more walk ups than we were used to at one of our ticketed events. Due to the sheer size of the event at Bookends in New Jersey (a store that is no stranger to celebrity events - look at their roster!), we have increased the potential capacity for the tour by bringing in more books, but please note that to make sure you get to see Conrad and get a signed book, you really should buy your ticket now.  We are also not able to take signing requests before the event, but if you buy a ticket, you will get a signed book, even if you miss the event - we'll hold it for you after the event at our special order desk.

Don't forget, in order for us to make sure everyone gets a signed copy of Lauren Conrad Celebrate on Conrad's tight schedule, there are signing restrictions. She will not be able to sign memorabilia and there are no posed photos. We are also not able to schedule any interviews with the author; if you have a query, we will funnel it to her publicist.

I really should have asked Conrad to help us plan our 7th birthday party. As many of you may know, our soft opening was on April 3, 2009.

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