Friday, November 21, 2014

Notice Anything Different When You Walk Into Boswell? Two Hints: It's Orange and Bouncy.

Over the five and a half years we've been open, the changes to Boswell have been, shall we say, incremental. There were some big tasks at the beginning, like painting and switching out some of the interior bookcases, but since then, we've taken our time. We've added some display tables, and replaced a couch. One might say the biggest change was when Starbucks took some of our space for their expansion.

So folks have been pretty surprised last week to see some new carpenting. Not the whole store of course--that would have been crazy, plus we do still have some replacement carpet squares. But we didn't have any replacements for the max-usage squares at the front of the store and many of the squares were completely worn through. The foyer and area in front of the register were actually a different color, a reddish gray, the color was so muddy that it was hard to notice a difference.

But last week customers walked in to see an orange entryway, with the high usage squares expanded all the way to both entrances and both registers. Amie and I bought the sample book back to the store, and the color choice was so unanimous that it was a bit shocking and there's really been nothing but love since it was installed. We forgot that carpet has padding--there's a bounce to our step when we walk across the newly lain floor.

Oh, and the color is clay pot, if you are wondering.

We wound up using nearby Kashou Carpets on Farwell Avenue. They are also in Local First Milwaukee and we got numerous recommendation from our customers. And they were great--fast and efficient, and Bob Kashou himself came out to inspect the work. It's time you knew about Kashou, as they say. They didn't pay me to say that. In fact, I paid them to say it.

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