Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Short Post--Another Shipment of Tee Shirts.

It turns out that people really liked the dark heather tee shirts that we brought in a few months ago. We had a very nice sale and sold out of the shirt in several sizes. There was a decent sale on cardinal red too, so we ordered both back in. In addition, we brought in some youth-sized shirts for the holidays, and added another color, sport gray, which is shown here. The shirts are $14.95 for most sizes, $16.95 for double and triple extra large. And yes, we sell triple extra large just fine.

Such lack of color is a little out of my comfort zone, but after viewing some area clothing stores and browsing through some catalogs, there is an awful lot of gray (or grey, if you tilt British) out there, and I thought we should jump on that bandwagon. or those who need a pop of color to get them through seasonal affective disorder, we have plenty of red shirts, and I promise I'll bring in a few bright hues for spring.

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